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Justice and fairness to God.

Five small words which form

the tip of an iceberg as wide as the universe

It needs the waters of true love

to effectively spread and be useful

Some years back, having written some peoms of my fight in trying to understand a soul’s journey, an acquaintance suggested I have it printed as it considerably helped her to understand what is termed crisis of faith and misunderstanding the slow progress of the Church in relation to the fast pace of discoveries and advances that have already occured in the 20th and even more so in the 21st century.

Hope this is of help.

I look at this scenery from, Maurituis, my original home,  it is so beautiful and I know that God, or, as others would say, a higher power made this creation for us to admire and give thanks. Its beauty reminds me of other beautiful things and they are all free for us to use and enjoy!

How may times we have stopped at the sight of a flower radiant and happy feelings are felt? What about the air, free gift, that we breathe, the sun shining on us for warmth and make things grow and essential to our health. I can go on and on.

When I allow myself to be uplifted by these thoughts,  In fairness to God.I have to say it does take me back to God, the Great Artist, from whom all artists draw their inspiration.

Should I think more deeply, we all take part in the inspiration, as we all linked together whether we are aware of it or not.

As per, Three Magic Words, a wonderful book written by U.S. Andersen, explaining the universal consciousness, the link is there whether we are aware of it or not. It may not be the book that many would enjoy except for those who truly seek a meaning to their life on earth. I could not explain them the way he does.

Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty by Uell Stanley Anderson 5.0 out of 5 stars Three Magic Words: I LOVE IT, December 28, 2005

www.amazon.com › … › Psychology & CounselingCachedSimilar

If I help someone, in a sense, it takes me closer to true selfless love and therefore I also help myself. The other person is thankful and all thanks do actually belong to God or any higher power one ascribes to. Our universal link is what gives back to God what belongs originally to God and we are users only to the best of our ability

Simply look at a tree. It comes from a seed which in turn comes from another seed and so on and so on, till we go right back to the first tree of its kind.

Look at the stars and what we learn now through advanced science, the creation of the Universe is a MASTERPIECE.

More of those pictures can be seen on the album at  http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/

One stands in awe at those wonderful pictures as sent by Hubble when they sent it into space.



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