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Coming back from my parents’ funeral in 2008, I stopped at a lovely spot and took this picture. As I looked into the water, it appeared still and yet a gentle flow movement could be detected when I observed 2 small leaves drifting slowly . It reminded of the passage of time, gently flowing into days and then months. Suddenly a year has passed

I kept the picture. On the leaves went emotions of loss and pain as two people I loved very much had gone from this material world and I so miss their presence. It is true what someone said that it is better to have loved than never love at all for fear of pain of loss.

I know that I am a better person for having known and loved them and had I the ability to choose my parents, I would choose them. They were the best choice that God made for me.

At times I wish that I could change the present to a time when my Papa was still here so I could sit by his side and tell him the words he would have liked to hear and that I now possess. But when he was around those words were missing from my vocabulary.

If only I could is the stuff of dreams I told myself. My doctor disagrees. She told me to write them down as in a letter to my father and present it to him and then to burn the letter as if he had finished reading it.

I have tried it to help with mourning my parents and it does work

Additional page to follow:- It is now 2 years since my darling parents have left us. Time has worked its magic.


  1. liette09 says:

    I shall start a new page on the heroic act of love you and I have been witness to.

  2. liette09 says:

    As you say Kitty, love is unconditional and often undetectable.
    We may be unaware of love and become disappointed when the signs or conditions that we have set to our own standards or expressions are not there.
    We do forget that we are dealing with someone who has different expressions of love. We cannot allow ourselves to be locked into our own limited world
    We risk the possibility of going past love even when it is present.

  3. I know your parents would be proud of you now, as they were always.
    Love is detected without words,
    without deeds and unconditionally.

    Your parents truly loved you and knew full well that you loved them too.



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