Growth and reflections

For a few years now, nothing has been added to this blog.

The knowledge that it was important not to write anything during this period has proved valuable. So much growth has occurred without my awareness of its presence.

What have I learnt or unlearnt? Once upon a time, I beleived that I had acquired a fair amount of wisdom. Parts of what I thought were necessary have been chipped off, one by one and the peace I feel reaffirms within me, that the road to wisdom is simple.

Time has flown without giving me the feeling of being left out. It has been time well spent, simply living, absorbing what life has to offer and being in the present. I can truly say my favourite sentence “life is beautiful” and I mean it.

Recently my godson who I cared about a lot reminded me that the last time I said it was when things were not going so well, but the effect of that simple sentence changed the outcome.

During the same conversation, I mentioned a story. It was a moment of living totally in the present. I went out to the yard, enjoying every step I took on a beautiful lawn; I noticed a small flower and picked it up before it got crushed under my foot. It was a perfect work of art. Stem and petals were only a few millimeters. The centre was dark blue and the petals had 5 perfect dark blue markings on a brilliant orange background, with all the petals being of equal size. This occured when I should have been depressed but the orange flower worked its magic.

The only other story I shall recount, was another time when I was physically missing my mother’s presence after her death. The heaviness in my heart matched the sky covered by menacing clouds. They parted as I walked on to the balcony and this beautiful blue light came down, up the stairs, sped behind me and disappeared on my left. Had I been lost in my pain, I would have missed this peaceful encounter.

There are so many other stories I can recall, but the whole point of this reminisence is to show how often we remember the painful memories and forget to look for the flipside of each instance to allow the healing part to come through.






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What’s next – Shining Light

Due to prolonged illness, I shall temporarily wait until I feel better. In the meantime I shall copy what I have written years ago when not too exhausted.



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A while back thinking of homeless people:- kids of all ages, those who had a terrific job and now are out on the street.

Is this what they hoped for.  

One day I was with a friend waiting for a cup of coffee when a lady, in clothes that had seen better days, stopped and asked for something to my friend.

She walked away slowly and I asked who she was and was told she was once a very good nurse. What happened?

My brother stopped to talk to a stranger sleeping on a bench. He was once a bank manager. What happened?

That was years ago and I know that there are millions and millions facing the same situation.

So I wrote this for them. Long long ago. I recently found it on my old computer.


Come closer my friend

Listen to my song

I hear your stifled cry

Locked in your heart

By a world that doesn’t care

You had dreams, You had hopes

You had plans for your life

No one hears

No one cares

You long for a world

where you can look up and shout


I am somebody with a future

A future that was so bright

But now!

I hear your doubts

I know your fears

I see your pain


I still believe, You are a

Shining light

In the darkest night

Of those lost

In a crowd of no names


Shining light

It’s you and you and you

Shining light

It’s you and you and me

Shining light

Each time we see within

Shining Light

Each time we know within


I so wish peace to all those millions dying in a crowded street where in the morning their lifeless bodies are picked up by a garbage truck.

My heart aches for those, while we are all trying to chase the devil called money.


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Of recent times, despair has been my companion
My life’s gone awry. Tomorrow’s gone away.
I race after ideas that float through
I hold on to none. Too fast or flimsy
Worn out and lost, health is the cost
I am listless, waiting for strength’s return
Watching my personality drift away, I cannot help
Like the small flower upon the grass trodden by uncaring feet,
I am beaten but never forever.
My strength is borrowed, I call for help
Propped up by helping hands of friends
Again I shall rise
My thoughts in a whirl vibrate to the tune of my feelings
Hope is salvation, wait and hope.
So I’ll say

cease to hope
cease to live
never in vain
my heart to attain
the distant shores
and recesses of my mind
in attire shimmering
faint yet here
all within quivering
foretaste savouring
hope is near

hope is here


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While Hanon worked tirelessly on the next spaceship, the 12 couples had arrived so quickly to their destination, they could not believe it

Well they thought, maybe we could see it in the distance. But no their home planet was out of sight.

On the ship as Hanon had predicted they lacked nothing.

Each made a spare or two of simple garments for themselves.

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Continuation from Dreams 2

Hanon gathered the 12 couples around him for further instructions

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What starts out as a dream, if interrupted, can also become a story if you use your imagination. Guess it could be called daydreaming.

Blue is the dream. I had to invent the rest in brown.

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Do we really know what happens when we sleep? What about the dream stage?

Imagination is a wonderful tool. Let’s use it now.

One day God created the body. It had several parts to it but needed some order. So God decided to put a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to keep everything working ship shape.

All the parts were happy and knew they had to stand in line for best function.

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Why do some politicians use “dirty tactics” to try and win a point over their opposition?

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Why do some politicians use “dirty tactics” to try and win a point over their opposition?

Are truth and sincerity not enough?

When I look at the range of candidates offered for us to vote on, it saddens me.

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We live in our world;      we love our world

We use our world;   and sadly sometimes trash it.

The chaos in our world is of our own making.

It is like the visible sign of confusion of our own lives

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Liette Cherval!

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Welcome to The “Let God Brotherhood” website.

Just to let you know a little about me.

I spent  a total of 9 years in 2 different types of convent of nuns

I learned a lot about living with strangers in a confined space

Adapted to different situations but left with much soul-searching

Thought at first that with all that happened God had abandoned me

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