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Justice and fairness to God.

Five small words which form

the tip of an iceberg as wide as the universe

It needs the waters of true love

to effectively spread and be useful

Some years back, having written some peoms of my fight in trying to understand a soul’s journey, an acquaintance suggested I have it printed as it considerably helped her to understand what is termed crisis of faith and misunderstanding the slow progress of the Church in relation to the fast pace of discoveries and advances that have already occured in the 20th and even more so in the 21st century.

Hope this is of help.


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  1. Blanche de Chermont says:

    Hi dearest cousine,
    I have just got internet back and also back from around 10 days in hospital for what you know. I am now really having a closer look at what is on your web page and from the bottom of my heart I can say, I can only, simply and humbly appreciate your writtings and the the way you put them down and further up I’d like to make Eliza read with much attention one of those written on love (when you mention humankind does not always work in sync) I think these words will give her some boost to look forward to other great things in her own life. Sorry if I’ve used this space to give you a bit of my news for I haven’t been in contact for quite a while, I know anyone can see it but guess what, like you say we are not here to judge.
    Many thanks for everything that you have given me here on those pages and most of all the faith in our Lord and the courage to continue one step at a time day by day.
    Love lots

  2. Hmmm….
    Well a little like this I suppose-
    A man reflecting on his life looks at the footprints left in the sands of time.
    He sees two sets of tracks in his early youth.
    Then one set of tracks during his middle years.
    He prays to God – “Oh Lord in my early youth I see from the tracks in the sand that you walked beside me. Then in my middle years when I was in crisis, I see that you no longer walked beside me – why did you desert me when I needed you most?”
    God replied. “In your youth I walked beside you, in your middle years when you were in crisis I carried you on my shoulders. The tracks you see in the sands of time are mine not yours.



  3. liette09 says:

    Hi Kitty,

    You may not remember but that particular sentence was part of a poem I wrote at the height of my search for what I termed my lost faith, a cause of endless torment.

    At the time it was written I had not met you yet in person. I will be forever grateful to God for placing you in my path.

    You really helped in sorting out what I really believed in and I remember your telling exactly what you wrote above.

    It is a marvel how the one person we need at a particular time turns up from a chance meeting.

    I feel we need to go through a crisis of faith not to lose it but to strengthen the faith existing within.

    Thanks Kitty

  4. Hi Liette,

    You wrote; “I am ashamed to say. It was always God who came to get me wherever I was.”

    You should not feel ashamed – God has given us free will – he does not come to those who are not receptive.

    You were receptive – so deep down you never lost your faith – you only felt you did because of your self doubt at times. I don’t think you ever really doubted God.

    Just my humble opinion of you. An opinion formed after close observation of you my dear friend.



  5. liette09 says:

    To love and be loved. Often a source of extreme sadness and at times, despair for some. Humankind does not always work in sync

    When in love, how much does one receive in return. . Love someone who does not return likewise and then being loved by someone one could not care much about. This could be called the tragedy of love.

    Yes, the course of human love is seldom smooth. But if the love we feel happens to involve the Mighty One, the Lord. This is totally different. The Lord is faithful, constant, loving, passionate, forgiving, caring, the list can go on and on. How faithful was I to God? I am ashamed to say. It was always God who came to get me wherever I was.

  6. Hi Liette,

    I just love the following phrase you have posted above.

    “Justice and fairness to God.

    Five small words which form

    The tip of an iceberg as wide as the universe.

    It needs the warm waters of true love.

    I hope that you will continue to write here often.



    to effectively spread and be useful.”

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