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How little we give credit to God for always being there even if we are not aware

I had many years of heartaches, confusion and inner battles.  They were blessed by interruptions of small victories and inner peace.

Some parts of this blog will be about resulting fruits of my tree of life

I have to thank two communities of nuns I lived with nine years combined

The first community, a worthwhile experience left me with beautiful memories and friends.

The second, I would rather forget. I had the pleasure of living with some incredible human beings. But the experience was hurtful.

The mighty church, of course, was involved with its lack of compassion and band aid solutions.

My thanks to friends who helped me sort through the tangled mesh of hurt and disappointments.

First and foremost my gratitude goes to the one who put up with all my anger, confusion, loss of faith and disbelief that God had abandoned me in my hour of need

God who knows me better than I do myself.

I doubt that adequate words of thanks to God will ever be written

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  1. I guess the church varies from place to place.Also the quality of nuns and priests varies from district to district.

    I remember just after moving into a house in Melbourne in the 70’s a priest came knocking on my door.

    After finding out that I was a Catholic he invited himself in to discuss the local church.

    I made him a cup of tea whilst keeping an eye on my 2year old daughter who was splashing around in a wading pool in the back yard.

    As I set down the cup of tea and some biscuits on the table next to the priest, my daughter ran into the kitchen starkers.
    She stood transfixed staring at the priest in his black robes, before running up to him and with a beaming smile asking him who he was.

    The priest leaped to his feet and ran from the house, screaming something about Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Needless to say I never attended his church – but I did pray for him.



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