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Me and my favorite car

This is temporary, at least that’s what I think at this moment. Thank God, I am woman and have the right to change my mind without explanations.

First time ever I am on a blog. Up to now, I had an aversion to it. Suddenly I thought of it as of being in front of a huge invisible audience and of course no stage fright. Why not?

“Mankind chooses to grope in the dark for a future he cannot see instead of directing a future of his own making.” I recently wrote this to a friend and she loved the sentence.

We are all able to create or direct our own future. In fact we all do that unconsciously by our thoughts which makes things happen. However, since our conscious mind is unaware of our rambling thoughts, one can say that we take out the element of control from ourselves.

This is all for the moment.


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  1. Pamila Vier says:

    Every time I see blogs as very good as this mainly because I need to stop bludging and begin operating on mine.Thanks

  2. Nat (Mon Grandpere) says:

    Hey Tante,

    Thats our ‘parlour’…miss the togetherness and the bonding the 3 musketeers had. Was truly a great little parlour, where it did bring together alot of people.

    Love you

    Mon Grandpere xoxoxo

  3. Sarah Pigeot says:

    Hey…that’s ‘my’ car!!!

    Hi Liette,

    Im enjoying this insight into your personal revelations….
    i will be looking forward to reading more from the universe within you 😉

    One of my favourite mantras happens to be,
    ‘Man becomes what he thinks about most’

    See you on the weekend, xxx

  4. It is true we are not just the product of our conscious decisions but of every thought we think.

    I think I am quoting Christ here – beware of the vacuum in your soul for it will suck in all the evil of the world.

    In other words be careful what you think.


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