LESSONS LEARNED – Many and varied.

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Do not be afraid, God provides

I remember a friend was hesitant to join an Agency instead of regular work. She had bills to pay and required extra cash to care for her son who is handicapped.

Little did I know she took me seriously when I said that she had nothing to worry about as God will provide for her needs for work and exactly the amount of days she needed to work.

It all turned out to be true as she exercised her faith all the time

One day she had a day off and asked me if we could go out. We went in my car and arrived at the car park which was full.

– Where on earth will I find a parking?

– Liette, she said, don’t forget you told me to trust God. So do it now and the parking will be right there

We arrived at the door where we were going just a car pulled out.

– See, she said, couldn’t ask for more. We don’t even have to walk a long way

It’s lovely to be reminded to practice what my mouth says when inspired by a higher power.

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  1. dui lawyers says:

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  2. Ray says:

    Thankyou KI Ki

    I remember meeting you and your husband once before at Monique’s place. I think I was picking up my mum (Rosy).
    Anyway I was involved in some Physic circles not long ago. I went out looking to learn how to meditate and sleep a little more stress free. As starting in business can get a bit stressful at times. I learned much more than just meditation.. It is quite a strange feeling when you are surrounded by a group of physic people.. Lol there aren’t many secrets..
    They say we all have the ability, but like art and other things that require a little talent to perfect, Some people are just better than others..
    They say it is like learning to focus your thoughts, feelings and trusting your intuition..
    It is a real eye opener for when you first get exposed to it all..
    Bye for now Ray

  3. liette09 says:

    Hi Kiki

    This is a beautiful sharing. I met a lady in Queensland one day. She was part of a group of psychics doing readings, and those waiting for her were so many I thought I’d never get to see her.

    I turned out to be her last appointment. She told me that others had said to me (a priest included) that I had psychic powers myself. I replied that I use them for helping the patients I looked after.

    Twice 2 people with falls and unable to walk I got to help them walk. The priest mentioned used my ?powers to cure one of the girls I knew during my training. She had an incurable disease of the liver. She finished her training but I have lost contact with her.

    She continued to tell me that she could see a lovely old man standing behind me who said he looked after me all the time. She described my darling Grandpere who I loved very much.

    He died soon after our family moved to Australia. I remember him, turning his head to the wall crying, when I went to say goodbye to him.

    Like you say, it is a balm to pain of leaving someone I loved so much. It helps with the grief.

  4. kiki says:

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.I don’t know if this is the right topic to broach here, but I would like to share with you my personal experience which may interest others reading this blog. I lost my beloved father 3 years ago, which led to the most deepest pain and anguish I have ever experienced. The loss was an extremely lonely experience. My own family (husband and children) had been estranged from him to the end , hence none of them understood and could share my loss and pain. Nor could they understand my devotion which they believed was very misplaced and wasted. As this grief was not shared, so I found it was doubly heavy to work through. Although I am sure my father loved me in his own way, the devotion and awe I had for him was however not reciprocated. He was a man who did not express himself. As he neared death, he said even less and less. Up to the very last minute, I hoped and hoped for words, something, to let me know how he felt about me, his eldest daughter.. The words which never came. He took them with him forever. I thought. One day,two years after his death, I was given the number of a medium who apparently was very good. It was a very long wait – she is very much in demand. I am open to all experiences but had never been to one before. I was clutching at straws. The grief was physically unbearable at times. Although I nearly lost my nerve at the last minute, I took myself to the lady in question, a lovely english lady. I did not know what to expect. All she knew was my first name. She patiently explained to me how it all worked… Launching into the reading, she immediately told me that I had recently lost my father, who was there very eager to speak to me… that he could hardly believe he would have a chance to do this… ,she said he was standing there holding his head down, in shame.. She hated to ask: Had there been sexual abuse?? I was shocked. No, never!! She quickly explained to me that there are many forms of abuse: in this case, this one was emotional..she immediately described what illness he died of, and unlike all the usual lovey dovey messages that you would expect to receive from father to daughter – she told me that he wanted to say how sorry he was for the way he behaved… How he wished he had done things differently , that he wasted so much time, and so many things left unsaid ..How he was proud of me and that I was a very good mother. Again, saying how he wished he had done it differently, with such yearning and regret. I was amazed as these were the very words I had yearned to hear in his living.This lady then continued to bring for nearly an hour an impeccable list of visitors ranging from very close friends & family who had passed on, with unfailing accuracy, describing their passing & at times even their physical appearance, all with little messages to validate who they were, that they were really there.. laughing how they could see us so clearly, it was just like a glass – they can see us but we can’t see them – all ending with messages of love and thanks for the moments we had shared…I left her place and felt I was floating on air. I had been speechless as it was in the whole hour!!! I left thanking her with a huge hug..I felt had an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders.And the unmistakable feeling that although they do pass on, our loved ones really never leave us totally. Their imprint stays on …

    And from this time on, although the pain of losing my dad still is with me, I know we will one day see each other again. I believe that God, in his goodness, uses many different avenues, even if some may seem unorthodox, to bring us relief and to ease our pain. I will remain always thankful for that message. It gave me a lot of strength at the time, and was for me, a turning point which enabled me to get through the next stage of grief and loss: acceptance and finally, healing. ..

    So I echo your sentiments here in saying that there are so much more in this world that many refuse to hear or see… I apologise if the above upsets some beliefs in others, but as this space seems to be an “open” area where one can freely express innermost experiences – perhaps this can be a benefit to someone else out there.

  5. liette09 says:

    Hi Ray,
    I have never thought of you as a religious person. More someone in touch with his spiritual side.

    We had a few discussions on deep subjects and have always been impressed with what you had to say.

    “I like to talk to people from anywhere and everywhere to learn about things that life has taught them”

    You are right that it is important to open oneself to what others we meet have learned. Great way to grow.

    I know times when walking down the street, something I remember makes me smile, I find that others going past me, will smile too. A smile goes a long way.

    Similarly if a driver lets you in during peak hour traffic, it inspires you to do the same.

  6. Hi Ray,
    That’s a wonderful story. If you have any more like this to share – I for one would be most interested – keep it comming.

  7. Ray says:

    Sorry Kitty it took so long to reply but I didn’t know someone replied to my little story,

    In answer to you question I like to talk to people from anywhere and everywhere to learn about things that life has taught them.
    I had a lengthy conversation with one lady down here in Melbourne in person, about an experience.
    I would like to say beforehand, we all have differing beliefs systems and some thing some people find easier to believe than others.
    To try and keep it as short as possible, this lady passed out on the floor one night and had stopped breathing. There were 3 people in the house, lets give them fake names just to make it a little simpler to follow..
    The lady who had the experience ( Jan) , her husband, (Jeff) and Jan’s friend who needed a place to stay temporarily (Tina)

    Jan heard her husband shouting in the kitchen one night and Jan came running down the hallway to see what the hell was going on, when she arrived in the kitchen she saw her husband leaning over what Jan assumed was Tina lying on the floor as she was the only other female in the house
    She couldn’t see her face because it was hidden by Jeff leaning over her, Next second Jeff says she is not breathing call the ambulance, As Jan was in quite a state of shock with all that was going on, she moved around her hubby Jeff to reach for the phone and at that point, Jan realized when she saw her own body on the flour..
    She was stunned for a moment, and then quickly realized she was dead and having an out of body experience and her hubby Jeff wasn’t talking to Jan but to Tina that Jan now realized was standing in the room as well..
    Jan told me it was the most surreal experience she has ever felt in her life,
    She at that moment was very calm and felt an overwhelming feeling of love she felt she had a choice to make, Jan said you don’t actually hear words out loud. She said it is like who ever it was spoke directly into her mind ( like voices in your head) and a lot of communication is done by feelings you feel..
    I also spoke in detail to another lady on the net who said almost exactly the same kinds of feelings of overwhelming love surrounding her..
    I looked closely into Jan’s eyes when she spoke to me about all this and felt the passion she spoke with,, I believe her story.. some may not
    But then life has taught me much about things that some would find hard to believe in the last few years.. I don’t consider my self a religious person, but I have seen many things that just leave me with one conclusion,,
    There is so much more going in this world that many just refuse to see or hear..

  8. Hi Ray,

    That’s quite a post you have made here.

    It seems to me you have learned a lot in your 36 years and expressed it in a very nice way.

    I am really intrigued by your comment -“From everything I have heard from people that have been there and come back.”

    Can you tell us more about these conversations?



  9. Ray says:

    Wisdom ?
    What is it ?? is it just a person confessing the mistakes of their life?
    Sort of a don’t do what I did list ???
    If so, instead of telling you some of the mistakes I have done .. Let me tell you some of the things I learned from them. Because, let’s face it ,the word mistake, is a poor choice of word on my part, let’s call it more appropriately “a learning opportunity” well it is how we learn, if we are smart..
    1) Life is short, Don’t waste it. You will never know just how much time you have
    (we weren’t born with expiry dates) Look for your purpose or passion in life, and let your heart and faith in yourself, or your god, if you believe in one who guides you
    2) Be Kind and patient with yourself and others, and in return, life will be good to you… Never forget that the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference to a person in need.
    3) You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. If they are hell bent on destroying themselves and won’t take help, all you can do is watch, and if you love them so much that watching hurts you too much.. look away, or walk away, It doesn’t mean you don’t care.. You will help no one by letting yourself get dragged down with them in sympathy.
    4) Learn to forgive, yourself, and others; understand that we are all born knowing very little, we learn by our mistakes if we are wise. Some of the wisest will learn from the mistakes and misfortune of others. And some unfortunately will never learn no matter how much time passes. We are all uniquely different
    5) Try hard to conquer your fears. Because it is through conquering your fears and hardships and mistakes that we have the opportunity for growth. So don’t be sad about your mistakes and misfortunes and fears. Be happy that you had the opportunity to grow into a better person.. be courageous and confront them head on if you can and grow rapidly
    The more you grow, the wiser & taller you get, the further you will see. And more doors will open for you..
    6) Love is one of the most beautiful things in life. You can’t see with your eyes and hold in your hands, but it is very real. It can bring you immense happiness and immense pain..
    What can I say, if you want it all, you have to risk it all.
    At the very least you have the possibility for happiness or growth, which will eventually lead to happiness.. What have you got to lose ??? Time is ticking..
    7) Money, is just like another tool in your shed. It is just a tool that allows you to do stuff.. it is not the be all and end all, it is important but there is so much it just can’t buy: love, respect, patience, inner peace and happiness… Remember money is neither good nor evil.. it just comes down to how you use it
    8) Remember when you die, the shed and all the tools and stuff you have collected stay behind.. From everything I have heard from people that have been there and come back.
    It is only what is within you that goes with you. And the things you leave behind that matter, are in the memories and hearts of the people and lives you have touched while you were here . . And where you go!! from all those I have spoken to, it is a very nice place. Nothing to be afraid of..

    I am 36 at the moment and this is what life has taught me so far, I wonder how much more I will know in the future?? Ray

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