Taking care of our body

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Thinking about what we were taught as children in school

To the best of my souvenirs I cannot recall anything was taught about important subjects that are useful later on.

Walking down any street and doing window shopping one can see a variety of shoes on display

The majority of them does nothing to optimum conservation of one’s feet.

Our feet have a lifetime job to do to support our weight, so how much caring do we have for our feet.


Our feet (we only have one pair) have to support the whole weight of our body our whole life through.

How many have suffered through wearing the wrong types of shoes?

Maybe it is just from following fashion or for a definite colour that goes with an outfit which looks great.

The tendons and muscles become used to a set position when wearing the wrong type of shoes.

Like elastic bands that are stretched they lose their elasticity and are not able to provide proper support to the bones.

On the other side the muscles that are shortened have difficulty stretching later on.

The bones no longer supported can protude out of their rightful place giving rise to painful eg. bunions to name one of them.

Attempting to redress painful situations that ensue, one can shop for more acceptable shoes.

Of course the muscles used to being in certain position groan and pain is felt so one can feel uncomfortable with the new shoes.

Trying to write this as simple as possible is hard. 

I have a picture in my mind of those long pointed toe shoes fashionable once upon a time.

I can also visualize high heels, pretty as can be, but oh! so wrong for our poor feet.

How much damage they have caused to our feet?

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  1. Well fortunately our fashions have become more sensible than they were 50 years ago.
    At least we are given more options and some very healthy alternatives.
    Whereas 50 years ago every teenage girl was encourage to strap herself into girdle – wear suspenders -stockings – ridiculous toe pinching shoes and belts that cut you in half at the waist.
    Unfortunately the painful results often don’t make themselves apparent until the damage is done – undoing the damage is a lot harder than avoiding it in the first place.

    It is great to see that you are doing your part in making people aware of the pitfalls facing our feet – thanks Liette.

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