My Extraordinary Love Affair

I recently completed my first book and published it as an Ebook on

It is also sold on as a Kindle book.

To my surprise, this first book was a pleasure to write as it does speak of beautiful memories. It is mostly in prose with some poetry in it. The poetry was the first attempt at writing when trying to find out who “I am”

It is important to know oneself.  My hesitation, at first, was that I was falling into the category of ‘me, me’ syndrome. A lovely lady I met in 1995 changed my opinion by telling me how much she appreciated what I had written.

Dennis, who was the first person to buy the book, suggested I read it out. Much as I would prefer doing so, I am hesitant. I am still under this prolonged illness which I wish would get out of my life but patience is one that I have to practice at the moment.

Thanks for the idea Dennis.



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