Love goes beyond self-preservation

I love my church for it was born of God. It should be holy and have all the attributes that one ascribes to God.

Sadly the greatest attribute , LOVE , is at times there, but alas, often so hidden that many have been hurt by its absence .

One can think of how those in charge have handled the famous cases of abuse, where the perpetrators have been protected and the victims left to fend for themselves.

When one thinks deeply on this issue,  it is more like those in charge are defending not the HOLY Church, but using the basic instinct of self-preservation.

It applies more to the leaders defending their own decisions and no thought to furthering the Church of God.

(this is to be developed further as it is the core of despair, for me and others, which can lead to many leaving the Church.

Thus creating an inner battle where one seeks to understand what is faith?

Does God even care what happens?…..

all pointing to a grave injustice and unfairness to God).

10 Responses to LOVE v/s SELF PRESERVATION 1

  1. liette09 says:

    I feel that this subject requires more explanations.

    I have placed a second part to it

    For the first time I really had to work hard on this.

  2. Remember the very first Church. There was such a bond of Love between them, shining like a beacon that people around them could not help but see and be attracted to them.
  3. It is sad when one looks at the structure of the organisation of the Church. They set laws for the governing of their church which no longer looks like the original plan of God where all men and women are born equal and therefore have equal rights. yes..
  4. Sadly the greatest attribute , LOVE , is at times there, but alas, so often hidden that many have been hurt by its absence .