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There is so much beauty in the world for us to enjoy.

I received this poem from Dhyan, of happyworldsociety@googlegroups.com  a while back.

Feeling somewhat ‘down the dumps’, I decided to read it once more and learned to appreciate its beauty today. So I post this here in the hope that it helps others as well.


He is in the womb of the Earth 
that nurtures millions of unseen living beings 
He is in the vast sky that showers rain 
to quench the thirst of plants, animals and human beings 
He is in the silence of the deep dark night 
and in the thunder and lightning of a mighty storm 
He is in the birth of a new born child 
and in the death that transforms a body into a corpse 
He is in the tears and suffering of millions of men and women 
in the world 
and in the laughter of joyful beings 
He is in the chirping of a beautiful bird 
and in the dancing of leaves swaying rhythmically in 
the breeze 
He is in the peace and tranquility of a quiet lake 
and in the mighty ocean waves rushing forth ceaselessly 
towards the waiting shore 
He is in the fiery rays of the burning sun 
and in the cool soothing light of the luminous moon 
He is in the melody of devotional music and chanting 
and in the deep peace of silent meditation 
He is limitless, boundless, formless, nameless 
not belonging to any country, race or religion 
beyond human thought and intellect 
for the vast mysterious universe 
is without beginning and without end 

by Dhyan


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  1. Nice one Liette – I think it is a nice idea to post this type of poem here.
    Would like to see some more poems posted.

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