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There are many roads that lead to where we have to go. With this in mind, one could say that the road to discover our real selves is many and varied.

I can only speak of my way which was shown to me during prayer but by no means is the only way for others to follow. When in trouble or faced with a dilemma I often have the answer as if projected in front of me like a film which I or with the help a very good friend, have to interpret later.

One day someone had deeply hurt me. I closed my eyes as the pain was unbearable. I saw like a hand from within going towards my heart and it scooped the pain leaving a calm feeling inside.

That feeling stayed with me for quite a long time and I often think of this when I have pain. The mere thought of this memory always leaves me feeling a little stronger each time.

From Liette

p.s. To Kitty and Sarah, thanks for your comments on previous posts.


Continuation of Someone watches over me



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  2. liette09 says:

    Reading over all that has been written above and there is a lot in it all

    I agree with Ray and Kitty that unless I can love me, it will be hard for others to do the same.

    Jenny’s story reminds us how we all have our own way to deal with any misfortunes that come along the way. We see so many with disabilities and at times feel pity for them. Yet they are quite brave and look for ways to continue living, even managing to make others happy.

    I met a young 21 year old who was engaged. At Christmas time she went out with friend and had a diving accident which left her a quadraplegic. No doubt she had moments of quiet despair until she found her own way of adapting to her new situation.

    Last year I met her again at a reception and she had regained her zest for life. She was coping the best she can. Found a way to continue with university, and even managed to have a cigarette and a wheelchair dance.

    Sunday night, there was not a cloud in the sky above my little house. I called out my sister to have a look at the sparkling stars looking like jewels. She mentioned that it reminded her of something Kitty had written above.

    We have beautiful and unforgettable memories that all we need to do is close our eyes and they are forever imprinted there. We don’t need to have a photo of those moments. They never leave us.

  3. Ray says:

    And what did he reply ?
    I found it was an effort to treat myself with as much respect and kindness as I did total strangers.. I suppose if you can’t love who and what you are, how can you expect others to love you , I have been learning that one for about the last 20years.. I think it is starting to sink in now….lol

  4. Hi Ray,
    Love you post – again so wise for one so young.
    I would like to tell you a little true story of mine.
    I was in a long relationship with someone years ago.
    This person did a lot of bible study and we prayed together every day.
    As the years went by I watched this person destroy him self with alchohol. He was what I thought at the time a heavy drinker when I met him – but seemingly not affected until around five years later. He knew he had a problem but would not accept any help.
    He told me that he believed God to be all loving many times.
    Then one day he remarked that he hated himself and that is why he drank.
    I waited for one of his more sober moments [very rare by that time]. And I asked him ” Do you believe that God is all loving and loves all of us?”
    His instant response was “Yes, God loves all great and small”
    I retorted, ” You arrogant son of a bitch – do you think you have better judgment than God? If God loves you how dare you not love you.”



  5. Ray says:

    The people change, the cultures change, the religions change.
    But one thing I notice always stays the same. All cultures, races, tribes, speak of someone, or something watching over us. Some creator, or creators
    Some feel it and see it around them and within them, some don’t.
    Some feel quietly intimidated by it, and feel the need to ridicule it out of their own sense of insecurity.
    And some are just ok to accept it for what it is.. Some feel the need to label it and try to exploit it for their own purposes
    Some are made into true believers in a split second, when in a time of desperation or distress they experience something that just can’t be explained in any conventional way.
    In times of war there are many stories like this of people doing and experiencing acts of divine intervention, that they shudder to speak of out loud for fear, of ridicule.

    I don’t know what it is, but do know that it definitely is there. I feel it. I see it more and more as time goes on.
    I feel a little bit like a hypocrite, for I was one that did ridicule it in my younger days.
    What can I say, the naivety of youth.. Lol.. They just don’t know, what they don’t know, because they are just to young to know yet….

    I believe you don’t have to be a member of any particular religion to experience divinity.
    And I don’t believe you have to do any particular kind of worshipping.
    If you want to experience divinity, then simply be divine, and by that I mean ..
    Make your intentions virtues and make your words kind. Make your heart warm and allow others to feel it.. Trust and allow that which you feel within to guide you.
    The rest will be just like gravity, you couldn’t stop it if you try..
    I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, but it works for me..

    And don’t forget to have a laugh along the way …. He he he

  6. Jennifer Jones says:

    Someone told me once about a little boy with a disability who often used to go and stand on the beach and watch the waves. Someone asked him why and he said that he used to think about all the things that hurt him and put them into the waves and watch as all that sorrow was carried out to sea. It made him feel very calm and happy again when all his troubles were washed away…

  7. liette09 says:

    How beautiful is the world around us. It is so easy to walk past and not see its loveliness. The exquisite beauty of a rose, the touch of the wind on my face as I lift my head up to the sky. and recently I with my cousins admired the fierce display of thunder and lightning, the welcoming smile of a friend or loved one, yes life is beautiful and needs to be enjoyed.
    I remember when I was walking in a convent in Nice, I noticed a small flower that had just been walked upon, not to death, as straight after it lifted itself again. I bent down to look at it more closely. It was the most perfect flower I had ever seen. Petals shaped like a heart, the centre was dark blue. I picked it and placed it on a white piece of paper, sticky tape on the stem. One the nuns was about to throw it in the bin and I asked her ” did you see what is on the paper? ” She was as enthralled as I was by its beauty and thanked me for sharing it with her. That is what I call sharing God with one another. God does watch over us and inspires those beautiful feelings of sharing and joy.

  8. Right now sitting here typing on my computer, I have just become conscious of the day outside.

    The view from my office window is exhilarating.
    The big fig tree stands sheltering a smaller palm kissed by a very gentle breeze.
    The smattering of sunlight playing on the palm fronds filtered through the olive colored fig leaves appears almost bronze.
    Behind the fig tall gum trees stand silhouetted against the boldest of blue skies with a puff of brilliant white cloud.

    It is this type of scene that I photograph within my minds eye – ready for recall when the vista is not so blissful.



  9. kiki says:

    What a beautiful experience you had. What a blessing to feel that our unbearable pain has been scooped up from our heart and replaced by peace and calm.. I often feel I too am watched over, as it often seems when pain or despair overwhelm me, our blessed Mother steps in, leans over and helps me back up gently again. This has happened to me time and time again and leaves me with a sense of security that I will be always OK in the end. Thank you for a wonderful website and an opportunity to air our innermost thoughts.

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