Continuation of Someone watches over me

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I believe this goes for most of us.

For past few years, I’ve had a mixture of good and hard times.

We often omit to recall good times. No problem with remembering the hard ones.

It is the balance that allows us to continue our day-to-day existence

Recently I was worrying about a particular difficult situation. Out of the blue I heard an inner voice.

“Don’t worry, I’m in charge”

What a comfort and a source of strength

It is so easy to forget we are not alone in our daily battles, which when least expected become incredible victories giving courage, more than necessary.

2 Responses to Continuation of Someone watches over me

  1. liette09 says:

    Hi Kitty

    When I wrote this I was under tremendous stress which leaves me tired

    Someone I knew gave me a CD and it is amazing how it came in handy

    That is what I also refer to as the unexpected help we get when we are seeking any assistance

    At times it can be a kind word or even a smile.

    It could even be someone setting us on a straight path or maybe encouragement when we find ourselves at at a cross road unable to decide

    The most important being on the lookout for possible help.

    If we seek we find it.

    This reminds me of th story of the man who drowned expecting direct help from God refusing all assistance offered and of course he had overlooked help from ships, helipcopters etc.

    In line with this I have also placed a story send to me by a very kind friend

    Cheers Liette

  2. Thanks for reminding us Liette – you are a treasure.

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