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Our unseen benefactor is always on the alert. I can say with certainty that SOMEONE watches over us.

Almighty Wisdom sees what we do not see and knows exactly whom and what we need at a precise moment in our lives. No ocean can prevent the one person you need to be at your doorstep ready to help the very moment you need someone. I know, for it happened twice to me years ago. No telephone or urgent message was sent.

As we follow the path our choices in life have taken us, we meet people and often it is on a casual basis. Those people move on without realising how much what they have done or said had a profound influence on us. I am sure we all can remember those circumstances. Casual acquaintances are simply casual and at times we never meet again.

But, I wish to talk about those special people we meet who continuously help us as well as we are of help to them. They are those we call FRIENDS.

FRIENDS are rare and treasures beyond compare. Like the gentle ebb and flow of the waves caressing the sand and moulding the shoreline, they are always welcome guests in our lives. We can trace the path we have travelled together for miles and miles. No yardstick is long enough to measure it.

Friendship goes both ways. It is freely given and joyfully received. It has no monetary value. It is beyond anything we can imagine or conceive.

Friendship gives freedom to be oneself without fear of criticism or rejection.

Friends accept you with good and bad all wrapped in a neat parcel. Because the one they see is you, not how you look or dress or act.

One Response to FRIENDSHIP

  1. True friends are indeed rare, should never be taken for granted and are one of life’s great treasures.
    True friends cry and laugh with you.
    True friends do not falsely flatter you or falsely criticize you.
    Above all true friends stand by you through thick and thin.
    Thanks for being a true friend Liette.

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