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I first learned of the Enneagram going to a 2 day seminar. It was wonderful to be able to learn about the why of many things regarding myself at first

Then I became interested in using some of its help section to see if I could work with others in a more harmonious way. It had some success.

I have learned that I cannot accurately fit everyone in a particular number.

It depended much on the stage of development a person was.

I remember my Mother. I told her that maybe she was a certain number.

-No, she said, I know my number

At the end of her life I realised she was right

Lesson learned for me.

The best book I read on it was by Don Riso.

Check out the following link if your interest is peeping around the corner.

Of special interest for newbies is the personality types and misidentifications pages.

I get on well with Numbers 2,3,4,5,7 and 8. Numbers 1 and 6 I am able to understand and respect.

My great problem has always been with Number 9. Yet a healthy 9 is one that I actually admire.

I remember a person who was in charge and she happened to be of that number

I have never understood whether or not she enjoyed the power she had.

She would be reminded of an important date and chose to dwell and think on it for ever and ever.

Then when the date had passed she would say with a smile

-Oh! I think we have missed the date.

When I was due to return to Australia, I mentioned that I did not need a visa to return home. Would she listen? No way.

She dragged me to the passport office to get a visa and I reminded her I did not need it. We stayed in line. I was fidgeting with this waste of time.

Some 2 hours later it’s our turn to be interviewed. The man at the desk looked at me and said

-You don’t need a visa

-I know, I replied, YOU TELL HER NOT ME

 I think she hated me from that moment on.

When the day came for me to leave, she hid all my personal papers, passport and plane ticket.

Guess she had no idea of the law. That could amount to house arrest. But I don’t think she would even have  listened to anyone on the subject.


Why do people drive you nuts maybe at work?

In defence of No9




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