Why do people drive you nuts maybe at work?

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People are different in character where behaviours at times make no sense

Sometimes we expect people around us to act with their conscience as a guide

But NO!

Huge disappointment!

Good and evil merge in a way that is confusing

So I searched for character differences with Star signs horoscope – not much help

Went to Chinese horoscope – not much help either

Went to other types of character definition – not much help

Then bingo!

Found what I wanted on Enneagram. – Now this is better, it makes more sense

So I checked on the one most interesting to me c/- problems with certain people. I landed on No. 9

If you work with someone in charge who happens to belong to that number 9; well be prepared for surprises.

They are nice one minute and the next you don’t know who you are dealing with

If they feel inferior to someone working for them, they will do their utmost to oust that worker. Mind you with a smile.

They can be infuriating if you deal with an important subject.

You may find they reduce it to nothing as the too hard basket and yet they will pester you for a minor piece of work.

The ‘too hard basket items’ suddenly looms on them and they flutter around and try to communicate the importance to you

No use reminding them you already approached the subject before. It has disappeared from their memory or they are afraid to acknowledge it fearing they will look like a fool and will show them in a wrong light.

Poor No 9 can be manipulated by a boss who has already worked out their character and the No 9 becomes all confused and suffers a dreadful change of character. Poor No 9 becomes nothing but a puppet on a string pulled by the boss.

Ever met someone like this? Bet you have.

In defence of a No 9:- 2nd part

So feel free to add as many comments as you wish.

2 Responses to Why do people drive you nuts maybe at work?

  1. vicval says:

    I think it is a good idea.
    I have created a main page with what I call babies after it.
    So this page is the first baby
    In defence of Number9 is the second baby.
    As you know I have always been fascinated with the subject.
    Thanks for reminding me. Liette

  2. Liette why don’t you make a graphic representation of the Enneagram you are referring to in your post.
    I know what you are talking about but I am sure a lot of readers here would feel lost.

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